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Don't waste your time waiting.

Weird things happen all the time - sometimes you ignore them. Other times, take heed.

Take this week for instance, was reading a really good book by Zadie Smith, a New Yorker who well, just in my opinion "has it."

One story you may have read or even heard about is "The Lazy River"

The “ Lazy river ” is a metaphor, illustrating how the ‘river’ sweeps people along endlessly, and how the ‘current’ is in control of people, hinting at individuals’ lack of urgency. The “river” is also a judgement free zone, where even though people do not approve of things they see, no one dares to call it out.

Sound familiar?

And then, going through some of my Dads old books and stuff ,out dropped this card - now I'm not sure if he wrote this - I have googled it and it does appear an original but the point is that really he is talking the same script.

Most of us just trundle along with life, hoping something will jump out, help us, win the lottery - you know the craic.

But in reality, as my Dad has said, nobody is really living, we're just waiting.

So where is this going?

Just a realisation that if you don't get off your arse, focus and really, and I mean really, want to make a change, nothing will change.

You need to start Doing it Differently!

And this is the pitch.

Let's have a quick meeting, a call, a chat and see if we can help each other - do something together that's fun, exciting and get's us off the treadmill and make a real difference to you, to your business and of course to me too!!

Hope to hear from you real soon - because I'm not waiting around any longer!!

Have a great week!

John ( Nick)

PS. You can also drop me an E Mail

or share a bottle of wine with me in my infamous "office"!

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