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I'm Gutted - I wasn't being true to myself!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

And it's all because I lost my bottle. Made a judgement and was wrong.

So here's what happened.

During Lockdown, I've been picking up some really cool work from all over the world including Belarus, Ohio, Hawkes Bay, Milan, - yup, really chuffed and some very happy clients.

And then it happened.

Got an enquiry from a new client who works in a, shall we say, a very sensitive area.

Took the brief and then I held back - not my usual style.

I played it safe - took the boring route - the safe route. Hey the BIG IDEA, the strategy was right, don't get me wrong, but, well it just wasn't me!

Client came straight back with what she thought, and what she was looking for.

I wasn't being true to myself. I let her down and myself down with boring, shitty safe copy.

That won't happen again.

But there is a happy ending. What she has come back with pulls no punches, and the final job will be a real head turning, grab you by the balls, awesome work.

And that is why having a good client matters too.

I can't wait to share the new campaign with you.

But until then, be true to yourself and of course, start Doing it Differently!

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