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Let's cut to the chase and let's cut to Spring 2023

Who would have though that after COVID it could get any worse?

And how quickly things can change?

Look, I think we all want to know and care about the world we will be living in 3 - 6 months?

What will be the biggest news stories?

What will consumers care about?

And what does it mean for your business?

So, lets cut to the chase. Let's cut to Spring 2023.

I was chuffed to pieces to talk at the European Marketing and Innovation 2022 Webinar this week, which brought together some of the best gurus around to share their thoughts and insights - focussing on the next 6 months and what as marketers we can expect.

If you would like a free snapshot of your business sector and what in marketing terms, and your consumer mindset you should be addressing just get in touch here and I'll send it personalised for you

Deck Cards and Insights from the Webinar just for you.

And here too is your free downoad for my November Newsletter

Right now you need to be working on every opportunity to increase sales.

Inside this month, I'm looking at the best way to Cross Sell - some real life examples that have proven to work.

Also, looking at Referrals and specifivcally two of my clients and what I did for them.

Both of these either cost nothing or minimal cost to implement - so just do it!

If you have trouble getting it on the link, try here

Hey, have a great weekend and if I can help you in any way, talk through your marketing, grapple with some new ideas, just ask or book a quick call here with me now.

And that's it for me - taking the afternoon off, maybe a walk to my favourite wine bar.....

But I digress!

John (Nick)

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