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Making sales...don't hold back.

3 simple steps to get you going.

Without the sales, we don't have a business.

And it's bloody easy to take your eye off the ball - living with what you've got, but knowing, deep deep down, you need to get off your backside to really get those extra sales that make the difference.

It's that extra mile shizzle, the one great idea, that you need to look for and DO!.

So let's look at 3 steps for you.

  1. Target Customers - look, you get to choose who your customers are. Target customers who can actually pay the kind of prices that you need to charge to not only pay those prices but to enable you to deliver outstanding products and services.

  2. Focus on what matters to them - not what matters to you. Here's what to remember - a silent radio saying WIIFM - "what's in it for me? " Get that and your sale is on the way.

  3. Remember that facts tell and stories sell - tell stories about how you have done it before - where they started and where they want to be.

Fall in love with Sales and Marketing. Start Doing it Differently! It really is the life blood of every business. I want you to embrace making money. I want you to embrace doing it differently and not be timid about it and hold back on your heels. But like, come for it and own it.

I promise you I can help you and I promise you that's possible.

And if you're even slightly concerned whether or not this will work for you?

Then I've got you covered, because I'm in the business of getting my clients results.

Have a great day - keep on business!

You can Book some time with me - just drop me an e mail to

with "TIME" in the Subject Line and I'll get straight back to you.

John ( Nick ) Atkinson

The CreActivist Marketer who is Doing it Differently!

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