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Size really doesn't matter. Trust me.

It's the way you look at it and what you really want.

Like, for instance a small business isn't a big business waiting to grow up.

And a small business doesn't have to be a start up raring to be scaled up, poised ready for growth either.

Instead, a small business can be exactly what you need it to be.

What you want it to be.

A thriving enterprise that's big enough to help it's customers, agile enough to be stable and small enough to give you a connection to your staff and the work you do.

And I love working with these businesses - where small changes can make a huge difference, and very fast.

Nope, size doesn't matter - well not usually!

Hey, I'd love to see if I can fit in your business, but if you want what you've got, stick with it. You don't need me. But if you want to start Doing it Differently, get in touch or sign up to my regular mailings and musings here -

Have a great day - you know where I am.

John (Nick)

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