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Who do you think you are?

Look, you can sit on the fence, follow the herd, or start Doing it Differently.

You can be whatever you want to be ( because others will make you what they want you to be ) and by Christ people have done this to me.

So hear me out, start making a difference and become who YOU want to be.

There are four ways we can become invaluable and, in turn, indispensable to those around us.

You can focus on being one (or many) of the following…

1. Connectors

2. Creators

3. Curators

4. Collaborators

Let’s take a closer look at each of these below.


Connectors are individuals that connect talent with other talent. They are the person in your town or city or community that always “knows a guy”.

They make the connections and, sometimes, they take a small cut of the deal.

To become a connector, it normally takes a handful of years to build up an extensive enough Contact List to effectively connect talented guys with other talented guys.

The Creator.

Creators are individuals that produce their own creative work on a regular basis: be it through writing, designing, coding or building businesses.

They’re essentially creating things from scratch and doing this creating so well that people are willing to pay them for what they create.

Creators can make great livings and garner huge followings but they must possess something that not everyone has: talent.

To know whether or not you have the talent to be a successful creator, you’ve got to create. You’ve just got to spend a lot of time creating.

The Curator.

Curators are individuals that compile other creators’ work into a collection of sorts. Think of a digital museum.

Anyone can be a curator, as long as they’ve got good taste and a large enough audience that thinks so.

Bookstores, museums, record stores, vintage clothing stores and newsletters are all examples of curators at work.

The Collaborator.

Collaborators are individuals that help other people bring their ideas to life by offering their time, energy and skill for money or equity.

A collaborator can be a contractor, a consultant, a freelancer or an agency that has deep knowledge and skill in a specific area or is capable of executing well in a number of different areas.

While you certainly have to have talent, I don’t think this role demands as much talent as the role of the creator, because you won’t be working alone.

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels professionally, you probably don’t know your role and, in turn, you probably aren’t providing enough value to those around you.

In other words, you’re not connecting, creating, curating or collaborating.

And certainly not Doing it Differently!

I want to work with you - take some of what you've got and make a real difference to your business - tap into what I've shown you above - especially when one idea or one connection could be just what makes that difference.

Have a great week.

John ( Nick)

PS. Because shy bairns get nowt !!!


P: 07990592222

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