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A bit of Tom Foolery in Boston Spa Changed My Life

So, it happened I was walking with the Family Clan in and around Boston Spa.

A lovely town just off the A1 in North Yorkshire - well worth a visit or a stop over.

And as every walk should finish, we took repair in a cracking place called Tom Foolery ran by an Italian, Loredana Emadi.

And while we browsed the menus and checking out this quirky place, my eyes clocked a Cool Looking Magazine.

But with drinks orders pressing, my quick glance through was distracted by a fine sounding Italian Red Wine.

Then as time passed, returning to Melbury Towers, and it was a few days before I remembered the Cool Looking Magazine in Tom Foolery.

However hard I thought, Googled and Searched on line, I couldn't remember the Cool Looking Magazine.

Then I called Tom Foolery in Boston Spa.

" Hi, this is a weird call but a few days ago I was at your place and browsed through a Cool Looking Magazine......"

" Monocle" the guy at the end of the phone replied.

"Yes, that was it !" I replied.

"It'll Change your Life" he continued....." My name is Marc"

"I'm John Nick...Thank You!"

And there it ended until I bought my first few copies......and it changed my life!

You see, MONOCLE is a Cool Looking Magazine for a new era.

Since launch MONOCLE has been a champion of taking things slow - of considering your options, turning off your devices and taking time to enjoy what's important. It's showed me that if I dig a little deeper I can find reasons to be cheerful, read stories worth sharing and look at bright ideas waiting to be seen and seized upon.

It helps you think about how to slow down, reconnect, make good things happen, do something you actually care about and discover nice places and extrordinary people along the way.

It's helped me to wear a cheeky smile, lift my chin up a few degrees and look with a more hopeful perspective.

Things are looking up and this Cool Looking Magazine has literally Changed my Life.

Now this is not a sponsored post or anything like that but check it out here

Let me know what you think of it - hey, it is awesome and you can even get free daily snippets in your inbox at 7.00 am - great way to start the day!.


John ( Nick) Atkinson

The CreActivist Marketer who is Doing it Differently!

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