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Anyway, if you are needing help with marketing or copywriting...

90 days that made me Think and Do!

Here, to be fair, I haven't stopped and been working on some cool stuff and challenging briefs including the re branding and positioning of my business Doing it Differently!

Check it out while you are on my site!

And my clients projects have included a Cask Whisky Investment Group launch, a Model Agency App, a Training Company, Overseas Holiday company, Yacht and Villa owners membership programme, branding for a classic divers watch, re launch of a Precision Joinery business, new branding for an Interior Design company, strategy planning for a consumer brand ( guess who ) and the launch of the King of Fire, an awesome BBQ I just love, and ended up investing in the business!

And back to my business? Doing it Differently! isn't an agency, it's a shop. The Brands, Businesses and Owners who work with me want to work with John Nick, not my name on another persons work.

This is the change I have made moving forward; giving my clients what they want.

Real Marketing from a Marketer who knows his stuff.

Anyway, if you are needing help...…….

ZOOMBAR sessions are up and running again, so suss me out.

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