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Are all Ad Men, Mad Men? ...…...

Well, probably, absolutely.....but we know what we are talking about.

For those who don't know, Mad Men was a blockbuster series based on the advertising industry in the 50's and 60's - raw stuff and a great watch if you ever have the chance.

So you ask, what's this shit is he talking about now?

Well, whilst I wasn't around then, I was around in the 80's and 90's at a time when there was only TV, Press, Outdoor, Direct Mail.....and oh, Commercial Radio was coming on the scene!

Those days were different - you had to know your stuff. The Market...Message...Media was paramount.

You needed a strategy to even be in the game.

Because reaching your customer, building your brand, your business was tough - hard to grab attention and markets were changing fast.

Now, everyone seems to be an expert...because everyone has access to the world.

BUT, and here is the gamechanger.

Unless you can go the distance, unless you can really differentiate and deliver your message to a market you really (and I mean really ) understand and know, all you will get is pretty much what you've been getting already.

And that is probably at the best average, and more likely, a constant battle for business growth.

Go on, take a dive into your business and see what's there.

And start looking to Doing it Differently!

With marketers who know their stuff.

I'm at the end of that electronic paper aeroplane if you ever want to chat...

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