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"Hi! Who makes the first move, takes the first shot?"

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Product differentiation sells the product, marketing differentiation starts the conversation.

While I’ve been a Marketer for longer than I care to remember, I am always learning. This short blog is more or less an observation I've made while writing copy and taking notice of what sticks.

In my opinion, the conversation with the customer should begin through marketing differentiation –– doing something valuable or noteworthy in your marketing –– whether that be the tone of voice in your emails or the deep insight shared in your blog posts.

From there, once you've started that conversation, built up some trust and rapport, then you tell them about your product differentiation.

It goes back to that stranger in the coffee shop. Let's get to know each other.

And in my case, let’s have a ZOOMBAR session!

Find out more about me on this web site.....and let's do a ZOOMBAR.

John Nick

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