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How to create spikes for your business

Here I look at ways to get creative and plan ahead using spikes

As you know, a spike occurs at various points in the year, coinciding with your target audience's interest. In simple terms, ice cream spikes in the summer and Christmas trees spike in the month of December.

For different businesses there are very specific spikes to consider. If you aim to create the spike that engages your target audience, you will be in a position to maximise that period of time in the year and not miss out on easy sales.

It's a great opportunity to get creative and try to infiltrate as many areas as possible - you are your brand.

Now, more than ever, customers are looking for treats, a change to the doom and gloom all around us. So when creating your calendar of spikes think about your products and services and where they fit into the year plan.

Timing and planning is everything here - don't leave anything to chance.

What are the hot spots in your calendar seasons when you should get your product out? Once you have figured out the key spikes over the year to aim for, you should then start at tailoring them to your business.

Now you have at least a 12 month Plan to focus on. Now let's get creative. Start thinking about providing services through a spike that on first impressions would not seem an obvious choice.

Need some help?

Let's start Doing it Differently!

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