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How to get new business

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Look for the low hanging fruit - here's how.

If I came into your business today, what's the first thing I would do to get more customers into your business? I would focus on the unconverted leads. I promise you that you have gold sitting in your business in what's known as your unconverted leads.

When you ask most business owners, "How are you going to get more customers?" they will normally start talking about new social media or other advertising. They'll say, "I'll advertise in the newspaper or do some pay per click on Google. I'll exhibit at trade shows." That's great, but that's not the first thing you want to do. That's not the lowest-hanging fruit when it comes to getting customers.

The biggest mistake people make is assuming that because somebody doesn't buy from you today, this week, or this month, they're never going to buy from you. That's a terrible mistake. You know what it's like to buy. You inquire about products and services, don't you? Do you always act straight away, or does it happen sometimes weeks or months down the line?

Right now, I'm in the market for a new car, an open plan office and a new laptop. I've inquired but not one company has followed me up - now that's just crazy.

You absolutely need to do multiple follow ups - planned follow ups that follow a carefully thought strategy that touches your customers buying points at different stages.

It's about Doing it Differently! Are you ready to give it a go?

You know where I am.

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