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How to stay focused now more than ever .

( Also known as "Don't be a headless chicken right now !")

Where focus goes, energy flows and if you have too much going on you can’t help but lose focus, energy, and profit as a result. Therefore you should reduce and simplify to be more successful not create more. If you have more than 3 products or services then you have too many. First pick a primary product or service to deliver and promote for the next 12 months. Have a maximum of 3 in total that you can up or down sell people into.


1 Have one way of attracting customers - or one funnel as I call it

2. one primary content delivery platform

3. one price point for one product or service

4. one niche or ideal client

5. Setup a simple financial map for the next 12 months to show exactly how many new customers you need to achieve your financial goals (and reverse engineer how much you need to spend with your one funnel to acquire them)

Think how empowering it will be to have focus, energy, profit, and cashflow massively improved in 12 months’ time. Breaking through growth and profit plateaus isn’t about more - it’s about less.

If you don’t believe me, think about the most successful Companies in the world and how they became that way, nearly all focused on one core product or service, one key brand promise, one price point and waited until they reached a success point before they broke their business into divisions that produced different products or services.

Be good at what you do best.

Then start Doing it Differently!

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