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"I wish I weren't here "

"And sometimes I'm glad I'm here!"

That's how purchases generally make you feel and they fall into two camps.

"I wish I weren't here"

Is how you feel when you are at the dentist, or waiting for your car to be serviced, or a window repair - get the drift?

This is all the shit we don't want to purchase and usually has the worst marketing because it's a necessity, not a choice.

"I'm glad I'm here"

Is how you feel when you are getting your new car, buying nice clothes, choosing a holiday, going to your favourite bar.

And so with two distinct feelings, we need to be Making Ideas as marketers to reach our customers.

Quite simply, start looking for ways to sweeten the experience if your customer is thinking " I wish I weren't here."

And "I'm glad I'm here," look for opportunities and partnerships with brands in the other camp.

Want some help in Making Ideas to WOW your customers?

Let's start Doing it Differently! with a real marketer who knows his stuff.


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