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Summer Fun in the Garden with Family and Friends

Its looking like we will all be spending more time at home and in the garden this year - and let's be honest, if we get it right what's not to enjoy?

In normal times, this is what we look forward to - yes, we love our holidays and time travelling, exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, food and drink, but that feeling when we get home is special.

I remember so many fantastic times sitting with friends and family in gardens

for special occasions and just an impromptu get together which as you all know end up the best times ever!

I think we will move gradually towards a culture that is more orientated to a more relaxed way of living, more in keeping with how are European friends live and relax.

And me for one, I can't wait - if this is one positive outcome from what we are going through, lets seize something out of it. "Carpe Diem and all that" as Del Boy said. Enjoy and YEEHA!

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