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Why I love working with Business Owners doing it their way.

For years I have worked with some great World Leading Brands and Businesses and still retain 3 Consulting Clients who are ace to work with.

And that's because they are like working with Business Owners.

They care about what they do.

They are honestly brutal.

Every penny invested in marketing is theirs.

Results matter.

They will do whatever is needed.

Not just pretty pictures that look good but do jack shit.

Or meaningless social media posts that just add to all that noise out there.

David Ogilvy, probably the greatest AdMan ever once said,

" It's not Creative unless it Sells"

So ask the question, " Is what you doing working?"

"Is it working more importantly for you, your goals and lifestyle you set up to achieve?"

And if it is, you certainly don't need someone like me telling you.

Now I love working with Business Owners - love their story, making their business fit their lifestyle.

Fun times. Yes, hard work and not always quick fixes, but they are great too when you can get them.

Don't tick boxes. Don't sound like a parrot.

Do what is needed. Do it your way and in a way that gives you everything you started this journey for.

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